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Service to Families

Family involvement is an integral part of the resident’s treatment program. The agency recognizes that residents are not independent persons and that it is essential to work with them in the context of a family plan. The integrity and dignity of persons manifested through family values and lifestyles are always respected. Involvement in other community services and/or support groups is encouraged whenever it might help maximize the strengths of family members. Family Meetings are scheduled bi-weekly for all families for at least 30 minutes each, unless contraindicated by court order or Family Service Plan. Additionally, youth enrolled in the Outpatient Services program are encouraged to participate in bi-weekly family therapy sessions with a Master’s level clinician. Family therapy typically focuses on identifying key roles in the family, supporting the family in developing healthier relationships and conflict resolution skills. Additionally, family therapy may focus on providing caregivers with additional tools for effectively managing youths’ behaviors, as well as how to advocate effectively for the youth in the school and community. 


Clinical Services Overview

Residents of The Villa undergo a Comprehensive Biopyschosocial Evaluation as part of the initial treatment planning process. If the resident meets the threshold for Outpatient Services, he/she is then be referred to The Villa Outpatient Program. (It is important to note that The Villa only maintains a contract with Community Behavioral Health at this time. However, a contract with additional managed care companies, including Magellan, is being sought currently).


Medical Services Overview

The Villa maintains a Medical Department to ensure that all youth receive timely and comprehensive medical care. The department employs an agency nurse five (5) days a week to administer medication and provide minor medical care. There is also a Medical Office Coordinator who is responsible for ensuring that all doctors’ orders are carried out, including laboratory testing, preventative care, sick care and specialists follow-ups.


Educational Services Overview

The Villa provides an on-grounds Private Academic School, called The Villa Academy. 


Residential Services Overview

The Villa operates a 58 bed residential facility for children and adolescents who have been court ordered placement outside their natural home.  The program provides inclusive services on-campus to address all of the needs of the youth, including medical services, psychiatric services, educational and vocational programming, as well as a therapeutic milieu known as the Family Learning Environment.